What is Wormhole?

Made with by 小白(Dylan)
Wormhole is a project to build Bots for NFT projects. Determined to reduce the inconvenience of various NFT projects in the use of Discord. Focus on the development of convenient robots. The developed robots will be completely free, and there is no membership fee system.
Wormhole 是一個為 NFT 項目打造Bot的專案. 立志於降低各 NFT 項目在 Discord 使用上的各種不便. 以開發便捷性機器人為主. 開發的機器人將完全免費, 並無會員收費制度.
Below is the robot that is currently working. Hope you like it :)
以下為目前正在運作的機器人. 希望大家喜歡 :)
Please donations me if you like. 如果喜歡請贊助我.
The donations received will be used for the development and maintenance of the robot. Thanks to every donor and every user.
Ethereum mainnet: linty1997.eth
所獲得的資助將用於機器人的開發和維護. 感謝每一位資助者和每一位用戶.
以太坊主網路: linty1997.eth
For usage suggestions or any questions, please join the Discord.
有使用上的建議或任何問題, 請加入 Discord.
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