Command List

Made with by 小白(Dylan)
Admin Commands, 管理員指令
MOD permission (manage message permission) required
Red is required. 紅色為必填.
/add_button : Add and set a button,添加並設定一個按鈕
  • name : Set a name for the button, which will be used as the form title 為按鈕設置一個名稱, 此名稱會當作表單標題
  • role: Set a role, you need to have this role before you can click the button, everyone please select @Everyone 設置一個角色, 需要擁有此角色才可以點擊按鈕, 所有人請選擇 @所有人
  • channel: Send the button to the specified channel, preset to the current channel. 將按鈕發送到指定頻道, 預設為當前頻道.
  • label: The label of the button (displayed on the button), up to 16 characters. 按鈕的標籤(顯示於按鈕上), 最多16字元.
  • style: style of button 按鈕的樣式
  • message: The text message sent with the button when the button is sent, default is empty 隨按鈕一起發送的文字訊息, 預設為空
  • emoji: Button emoji, limited to one 按鈕的 emoji, 限一個
  • allow_editing : Whether to allow editing of submitted data through repeated submissions, the default is True 是否允許通過重複提交來編輯已提交的數據, 預設為 True
  • max_submit : Set the limit on the number of submissions, if the limit is reached, it cannot be submitted. The default is 0 (unlimited) 設置提交數量限制, 達到限制則無法提交. 預設為0(無限制)
  • length : The length of the wallet address, the default is Ethereum, the length is 42 錢包地址的長度, 預設為以太坊, 長度為42
  • disabled : Whether the button is disabled, the default is False 按鈕是否禁用, 預設為 False
/del_button : Select and delete a button, 選擇並刪除一個按鈕
this operation will delete all the data collected by the button, please ensure that the data has been exported. 此操作會將該按鈕蒐集的資料全部刪除, 請確保已將資料匯出.
/open_button : Close disable, allow interaction with button,關閉禁用, 允許與按鈕互動
/close_button : Enable disable, disable interaction with button,開啟禁用, 禁止與按鈕互動
/open_edit : Allow duplicate submissions to edit data,允許重複提交以編輯數據
/close_edit : Duplicate submissions are not allowed, 不允許重複提交
/edit_max_submit : Modify submission limit(0 is unlimited),修改提交上限(0為無限制)
/check_user_data : Query the information submitted by the specified user, 查詢指定用戶提交的資料
/export_data : export data, 匯出資料
  • file_type Excel, csv, Json, txt are supported. One must be selected. 支援 Excel, csv, Json, txt. 必須選擇一個.
No special permissions required, 不需要特殊權限
/check_data : Check your submitted information, 檢查自己已提交的資料