Command List

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General Commands, 一般指令
No special permissions required, 不需要特殊權限


Add an opensea project,新增一個opensea 項目.


Delete an opensea project, 刪除一個opensea 項目.


Show list of added items,顯示已添加的項目列表.

/get_floor_price Options: project_name, details

Get opensea floor prices or details for selected projects.
獲取指定項目的 opensea 地板價或詳細資料.
Enter the project name on opensea (the name in the URL)
EX: https://opensea.io/collection/phantabear
name = phantabear
You can use the command: opensea_project_add to add an item to avoid having to enter it every time.
可以使用命令: opensea_project_add 新增項目, 避免每次都需要輸入.


Show details? Default is False


Get Gas Details, 取 Gas 詳細資料


Get the balance of the specified wallet address, 獲取指定錢包地址餘額


Get the ETH exchange rate, the default is USD. Supports various mainstream fiat currencies or cryptocurrencies.
獲取ETH匯率, 預設為USD. 支援各種主流法幣或加密貨幣.


Get the reaction time of the robot, 獲取機器人的反應時間


Get a link to a support server, 取得幫助伺服器的連結
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