Made with by 小白(Dylan)
Please make sure the robot has joined the server first. |請先確保機器人已經加入伺服器.
You can invite the bot here|可以在這裡邀請機器人 :NFT-Assistant.Bot
Inviting or setting up bots requires administrator privileges, if not, please contact the server owner.
邀請或設置機器人需要有管理員權限, 如果沒有權限, 請聯繫伺服器所有者.
Please enable the Allow APP Commands permission for everyone.
✅|Gas instant update, Gas 即時更新
✅|ETH exchange rate, ETH匯率
✅|Get opensea project information,獲取opensea項目資料
Please donations me if you like. 如果喜歡請贊助我.
The donations received will be used for the development and maintenance of the robot. Thanks to every donor and every user.
Ethereum mainnet: linty1997.eth
所獲得的資助將用於機器人的開發和維護. 感謝每一位資助者和每一位用戶.
以太坊主網路: linty1997.eth
For usage suggestions or any questions, please join the Discord.
有使用上的建議或任何問題, 請加入 Discord.